Plausible Labs + comiXology rethink digital comics
It's everything you love about comics
Available beautifully across all your devices
With in-app purchasing
Personal comic collections
And panel-by-panel reading

Comics 3.0

On iOS...

In 2010 Plausible teamed with comiXology to create the definitive comics experience for the iPad and iPhone. With over 12,000 titles available and exclusive partnerships with Marvel and DC Comics, the resulting apps catapulted comiXiology to the forefront of digital publishing where they remain the premier provider of digital comics.

And on Android...

Next, we helped comiXology bring their digital comic book store to Android smart phones and tablets. It's everything you love about Comics — in-app purchasing, personal comic collections and panel-by-panel reading — all uniquely tuned for the Android platform.

And on Kindle Fire

When Amazon tapped comiXology to ship Comics with the Kindle Fire, we were right there to assist and work directly with Amazon's development team to prepare for the release. The end result: Comics shipped with the Kindle Fire launch, available directly from every user's Cloud Library.

Shopping for, buying, and downloading comics is a practically frictionless process. I’ve spent more on comics in the last month than I have in any month since I was in high school.

— Jason Snell, Macworld


Browsing and purchasing comics has never been more intuitive.


Better than a box in your closet, Comics makes viewing your collection easy.


‘Guided view’ technology pulls you into the comic, panel by panel.


Over 12,000 titles including DC, Marvel & Indie titles. Even free ones!

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  • Apple App Store Hall of Fame recipient
  • Practically lives in Apple's "Top 50 Grossing Apps" list