Plausible Labs consists of developers that care deeply about user experience, and designers that truly understand our target platforms.

Our members have worked on nearly every type of software: servers, operating systems, graphics pipelines, audio processing. You name it, one of us has probably done it. This gives us the ability to support all aspects of your project, from firmware development to web services.

Founded in 2008, Plausible Labs is a worker-owned cooperative with offices in New York and San Francisco. If you are curious how a software co-op is organized, you can take a peek at our bylaws.


Landon Fuller, CEO

Landon is Plausible's founding software engineer, and works on our desktop, mobile, and server software.

A long time Mac and BSD developer, Landon contributes to the OpenJDK Mac OS X Java Port, co-authored MacPorts, maintains a number of open source projects, and previously worked on the BSD Team at Apple.

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Terri Kramer, Lead Product Designer

Terri joined Plausible in October 2008 as the company's first aesthetically-inclined team member. User experience, graphic design, marketing and web development all fall under her purview. Terri has been the lead designer on all Plausible Lab's mobile projects to date, including Comics for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

Formerly the in-house web developer at Three Rings Design, Terri is responsible for the obsessively well-formed markup on all of Plausible's web properties, and delves into Objective-C and Java UI code as our design/development unicorn.

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Chris Campbell, VP of Engineering

Chris is the second engineer to join Plausible, bringing substantial OpenGL and computer graphics experience to our desktop, mobile, and server software development.

As a key member of the Java team at Sun Microsystems for over 10 years, Chris developed the OpenGL-based Java2D pipeline from the ground up. In addition, Chris was instrumental in the design and implementation of the JavaFX runtime, including the core scenegraph and animation packages, and Decora, a pixel shader compiler/runtime that serves as the foundation for the effects package in JavaFX.

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Mike Ash, Plausible Fellow, Evil Mastermind

Mike has been programming on Apple equipment since the Apple IIGS and got started with Mac OS X when it was still called Rhapsody. These days, Mike maintains several low-level libraries for Mac and iOS programming, writes the biweekly programming blog Friday Q&A, and has collected it in a self-published eBook, The Complete Friday Q&A: Volume I.

In between writing difficult code, Mike spends his spare time flying sailplanes in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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Rebecca Bratburd, VP of Administration

Rebecca joined the team in January excited to help with the interior design of the Brooklyn office. She also takes care of day-to-day tasks around the office that don't involve coding. In her time away from the office, Rebecca covers cultural events in New York City for The Wall Street Journal and writes about electronic music for XLR8R Magazine.

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