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Software Library

The Plausible Labs Software Library consists of gourmet commercial and open source ingredients ready to enhance and improve your applications. You’ll find them being used in all sorts of apps, like comiXology’s Comics app and of course in our own creations like Peeps.

Sharing solutions like these promotes a healthier developer community and enables better, more useful applications for everyone.


A clone of Apple's CoverFlow™ user interface for the iPhone, using only public, documented APIs.


Open Source
Provides an in-process live crash reporting framework for use on both the iPhone and Mac OS X. Crash reports are output as protobuf-encoded messages, and may be decoded using the CrashReporter library or any Google Protobuf decoder.


Open Source
Enables the use of __weak with ARC on Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS 4. Add one .m file to your project, add two compiler flags, and happily use __weak while keeping compatibility with earlier OSes.


Open Source
Implements runtime and compiler support for C and Objective-C Blocks on Mac OS X 10.5 and iPhone OS 3.0. PLBlocks is based entirely on Apple’s block runtime and compiler additions for Snow Leopard.


Open Source
An SQL database access library for Objective-C, initially focused on SQLite as an application database. The library supports Mac OS X, iPhone, and Windows (via Cocotron).


Open Source
An Objective-C implementation of asynchronous inter-thread message passing to facilitate the implementation of concurrent software on both the desktop (Mac OS X) and embedded devices (iPhone OS).