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Technology we’ve developed is currently being used in 1/3 of the App Store’s Top 200 free apps.

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We also offer training!

Why learn with Plausible?

  • We Have Years of Training Experience
    Plausible has held in-depth training sessions for large development teams at Fortune 500 companies that want to advance to the next level. We've also offered many hands-on, multi-day workshops in various cities that cover predetermined topics.
  • Our Roots Are in Consulting
    For nearly 10 years, we’ve consulted companies at every stage of app development. We’ve helped new companies develop their first app, added features to established apps, and have even grown and nurtured whole engineering teams.
  • Major Brands Trust Our Technology
    Whether their apps use our open source software (Snapchat, Pokémon Go, Netflix, Super Mario Run) or we’ve developed an app for them from the ground up (Marvel,, thousands of companies trust our technology.

We are able to provide on-site training and can bring entire teams up to speed on not only the basics but also deep-dives into more advanced topics. Plausible also offers full-day sessions for both novice and experienced Swift developers.