Calling all Colorists and Space Cadets: Color/Space Launches Today

January 23, 2014, by Chris Campbell

Here at Plausible Labs, coding often seeps into our dreams. On a cool night in San Francisco last summer, one of our engineers woke up with the vision for Color/Space, a small game for iOS that we’re launching today.

Color/Space takes its players on a fast-paced space mission where they must mix colors to keep planets from escaping a central star’s gravity. Players choose challenges from any of the six levels, from grayscale all the way to the CMYK model. Along the way, users can learn something new about various color models. With each new round, time moves a bit faster and the stakes are raised to keep the planets in orbit.

The game puts players’ speed, imagination, and color theory knowledge to the test while being an interstellar getaway for designers, gamers, and space cadets. Available on the App Store now!

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