Using a Desktop Wiki

One of VoodooPad's key features is the ability to link pages together by page names and aliases, as well the ability to create links to files, websites, and other applications. A desktop wiki is a handy way of linking information together to maximize organization and thought. The more information you put into VoodooPad, the more useful it will become.

For those who have not used a desktop or web wiki before, play around with VoodooPad to get familiar with the format. Here are a few definitions and pieces of advice to get you started:

  • Organization: Try not to organize too heavily when you are initially adding information to VoodooPad. Start throwing things in around a loose framework. As your document grows you will want to spend a little more time cleaning things up. If you impose too much order too early, you may find it difficult to get started. Avoid having multiple documents when you start out. VoodooPad is great for keeping multiple areas of your life together in a single document for easy retrieval.

  • Important Stuff: Try to leave important stuff in obvious places such as the Index page or other heavily used pages. Give your pages names that make sense for reference later.

  • Understand and Use Aliases: Having different words or terms as aliases to a page will likely make linking to that page easier. An alias is a word/link that goes to a page with a different title. For example, a page named "Apple Computer" might have an alias of "AAPL" which will link to the "Apple Computer" page. Find out more about aliases by reading its topic page.

  • Look at the Pages List: All of your pages can be found on the palette window under "Pages". If you are ever wondering where a page ended up or what name you gave it, look here.

  • Check for Backlinks: Backlinks are the pages that link to the page you are currently viewing. To view the backlinks for a given page, open that page then choose Backlinks in the palette.

  • Links: Read up on the "Creating Links" and "Importing" documentation. Internal links are links between pages within VoodooPad. Clicking on these links will take you to other pages within your VoodooPad document(s). External links are links to anything existing outside of VoodooPad. This includes links to websites, files, applications, etc. that are not embedded within your document.

Have fun with your document and experiment!