Page Meta

VoodooPad has a feature that lets you set arbitrary keys and values on a page, which can then be used later on in script plugins or triggers.

To add meta values for a page, bring up the Palette and select "Page Meta".

Pasted Graphic.tiff

Scripts and Triggers

Meta values are useful when combined with triggers or script plugins.  Here is an example of a script plugin that searches through all the pages in a document, finds the ones with the "publish" meta value set, and inserts those names in the current page.

var keys = document.keys();

var pageList = "";

for (idx = 0; idx < keys.length(); idx++) {

    var pageKey = keys[idx];

    var page = document.pageForKey(pageKey);

    var pubValue = page.metaValueForKey("publish");


    if (pubValue == "1") {

        pageList = pageList + page.displayName() + "\n";