New and Awesome stuff in VoodooPad 5:

Very important file format changes

The file format has changed to make VoodooPad happy with 3rd party syncing services (aka, Dropbox) and things like SCM's (Subversion, Git, etc.).  This was a pretty big (and slightly scary) undertaking.  As a result of this change, previous versions of VoodooPad cannot open up VoodooPad 5 documents.  So please, backup your documents before you open them with VoodooPad 5.  When you open your documents with VoodooPad 5 for the first time you will be given the option to zip up the documents before they are upgraded to VP5 docs.

Make sure to check out the Moving from VoodooPad 4 to VoodooPad 5 page for more important details.

Official Dropbox support!

You can now keep your document open on two or more different machines from within a Dropbox folder!  Text will update right before your eyes.  Pages will automatically show up.  It's magic.  You can even share a dropbox folder between multiple people, and it'll do the right thing, including telling you who last updated the page, and from where (look in the page info palette).

This is awesome if you want to collaborate on a document, which you can then publish as a website, PDF, or even an ePub.

Web Export got a big overhaul

And things have changed quite a bit- but for the better.  The way Web Export plugins are written have been completely redone.  Now instead of a fancy bundle with plist files and all kinds of other junk, you just make a folder with some template files.  It's soooo much easier now.  Read about it in the Web Export documentation, and make sure to check out the examples that are installed.

PDF Export got a nice reworking

It's faster, you get a progress dialog, links now work between pages /sections, and you can pick the order pages show up by creating a collection and telling the PDF export to use it.

ePub Export

You can now export your document as an ePub file, referencing a collection to set the page order.  This is kind of rad!  Write your next novel in VoodooPad and publish it through the iBooks Store or  You can even download an eBook of VoodooPad's documentation!

Scriptlet support with Web Export, ePub, and PDF export!

You can now write fancy JSP/PHP like tags in your pages, that will be run when you export your document.  A very simple example looks like this:

The current year is: 2015

Read more about it in the Web Export documentation.

HTML Preview

There's a new window you can bring up under the View menu, which will show you a preview of your current page as HTML.  If you've got a VPWebExportPageTemplate in your document, VoodooPad will use that for the preview.  If you are working on a page in Markdown, it'll be rendered for previewing as well.

Markdown pages

You can make a new page (or set it as the default for a document) that does syntax highlighting for Markdown.  This is pretty awesome if you like to use Markdown in your documents.  And when you export your document for the web, PDF, or ePub, it'll be rendered correctly for you.  You can even mix and match RTF and Markdown pages in the same document.  VoodooPad will do the right thing.

A new To-dos palette, including official @todo support

The @Todo palette finds all the instances of @todo: in your document.  You can even configure it so that it searches for things like @fixme or any other tokens.  This means that everyone who had custom scripts for doing this can now throw them away.  The new palette is better, and faster.

A new Collections Palette

People have been wanting a way to put some sort of artificial hierarchal outline in Voodoopad for a long time.  That day has finally come in the form of the Collections palette.

By default, every document has a "Table of Contents" collection in which you can add and order pages.  Then when you export your document as PDF or ePub, you can reference a collection and say "use only these pages, and export them in the order given".  You can even have multiple collections, in case you want a different output for ePub than you would for PDF, while using the same VoodooPad document.

The recent updates palette is now a popover

Updates is now located in the toolbar, and it's actually pretty nice this way.  Eventually other palettes might start showing up in the toolbar as well.

VoodooPad is a 64bit app now

Sadly, this means that Lua support is no longer.  But you've still got Python and JavaScript!  The good news is, it's pretty easy to change your scripts to JavaScript (or Python).  If you need help with this, email .

Sane Event Scripts

Face it.  The old model of "write your script in a page, go to the events palette, pick an event, pick a page to run on that event, oh and pick the right language while you are at it" kind of stinks.  Instead, there are now specific pages in your document which when made, will auto fill required JavaScript methods for implementing events.  It's super easy to do.  Just make a page named VPDocumentEventScript, VPPageEventScript, or VPWebExportScript.  The methods will then be created for you, and you just fill in the details.


Voodoopad has a new Format Make checkbox item menu command that'll insert a checkbox for you.  Click it on, click it off.  People have been asking for this for years now, and now the checkbox time has arrived.

Lots of other new things:

Make sure to read the full release notes for a complete list of changes: