Moving from VoodooPad 4 to VoodooPad 5

VoodooPad had some features moved around, replaced, or even removed.  Make sure to look over the items in this page to see if anything affects you.

VoodooPad Lite and VoodooPad Pro are no more.  

It's just VoodooPad from here on out.

WebDAV Syncing is gone!

Yes, WebDAV syncing is gone.  Instead VoodooPad's file format has been changed up so that it will survive 3rd party syncing utilities such as Dropbox, SCMs like Subversion or GIT, or whatever else comes along in the future.

Hey, where did the Print Document command go?

It's still around in a different form, but it has been upgraded a bit as well!  Since the majority of users used this command to produce a PDF of their document, this functionality has been moved to the File Export Document Export as PDF… menu item.

It is also possible for you to specify the order of the pages in the PDF by referencing a collection.  Links to your pages even work inside PDFs now!

The Event Scripts palette is gone, and custom event scripts are no longer around!

Event Scripts have been removed from VoodooPad 5, and replaced with a much better system.  Read up on Web Export Events, Page Events, and Document Events.

NewPageTemplate is gone! So is WebExportPageTemplate, WebExportPostflightScript, and WebExportPreflightScript pages!

They are still around, VoodooPad just renamed them to VPNewPageTemplate, VPWebExportPageTemplate, VPWebExportPostflightScript, and VPWebExportPreflightScript.  This is part of a move to make sure all special pages have a prefix of "VP" in the name.

Lua support is gone.

It was a casualty of the transition to 64 bit.  Fortunately VP still supports JavaScript and Python, which are pretty easy to transition your scripts to.  Email or ask on the forums if you need help converting your script to another language.

Various Web Export changes:

VoodooPad's Web Export has been overhauled quite a bit.  For instance, if you have a WebExportPageTemplate page in your document, it has been renamed to "VPWebExportPageTemplate".

Since Event Scripts are no longer around, the various event pages you might have written will no longer work.  However, VoodooPad has something better for you now: VPWebExportScript!  Read about it on the Web Export page.

The meta info .xml file is no longer created, however you can use the VPWebExportScript to gather the data you need from it without having to parse an XML file.

"#include page" directives have been taken out.  Use scriptlet functions to reproduce this behavior.

Pages ending with ".py" no longer write out automatically as plain text.  Add a VPDirectWriteOnHTMLExport meta value to your .py (or other pages) to make it export without being marked up.

If you'd like a specific page to be converted by something different than what you've selected, add a meta value of:

markdown:1 for markdown

textile:1 for textile

plainHTML:1 for just plain old html

noHTML:1 for no marking up at all

richHTML:1 for rich text to html conversion

Use the macro index.html for a pointer to what is considered the file system name of the "start page" for the document.  By default in new documents, it's going to be "index.html"