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Exporting a Single Page

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Exporting a Document

Export to iPhone

Export as RTFD

Exporting as Plain Text

Export as Word

Exporting as XML

Exporting as PDF

Exporting as ePub

HTML Export

To export your files for viewing as HTML choose File Export Document Web Export.  Make sure to check out the Web Export page for more information.

Mobile Web App

To export your files as a web app choose File Export Document Mobile Web App.

Split Document

If you find yourself needing to make one VoodooPad document into two, either to duplicate certain pages or to extract pages entirely, you will want to use the Split Document export option File Export Document Split Document.  This will pop up a dialog box (shown on the right).

Select the pages you wish you split from the main document.  Selecting "Remove selected pages from this document" will do just that, extract those pages.  If this option is unchecked, then a copy of them will be created on export.

Screen Shot 2011-09-07 at 4.06.36 PM.png

Choose "Split" and tell VoodooPad where to save your new document. You have now successfully split the document into two!

Pro Tip:  If instead of splitting the pages from your document, you would rather copy the pages into an existing document, hold down the option key when clicking the "Split" button and choose the VoodooPad document you would like to copy your files to.

Send To

The Plugin Send To menu option lets you send whatever page you are looking at to a given application.