Creating and Removing Pages & Links

Creating pages and links is the heart of VoodooPad functionality.   For more detailed information on creating links versus importing files or documents, read importing.  

Creating New Pages


Linking with Regular Words

File New Page

Linking to Existing Pages

Link Selection to Page  

Setting up an Alias

Linking to the Internet

Custom URL Link  

Creating a One Time Link to the Internet

Typing a HyperLink

Linking to Other VoodooPad Documents

Copy Link

Dragging the Icon

Dragging the Tab


Edit ▸ Unlink

Contextual Menu

Info Palette

Deleting Pages

If you have decided you are done with a VoodooPad page and you are ready to delete it, try out one of these methods:

You might want to try splitting the page from your document instead of deleting, just in case you change your mind later.