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We've trained teams at top companies, including LinkedIn. Plausible's on-site full-day intensives will save your team valuable time and resources. This means that your team will be ready to develop code at a higher level immediately following our training.


We offer the following training programs, designed to deliver depth, insight, and the most benefit to your team:

  • Introduction to Swift
    At the end of our program for novices, your team will be armed with the essential know-how to write reliable, faster code by taking advantage of Swift's safety and speed. Your mobile apps will crash less and have happier users. Our experienced instructors will introduce your people to the fundamentals of the language. We cover syntax, the standard library, optionals, custom structs and classes, common design patterns, and how to use Swift with Apple's frameworks. If you'd like to get your web or mobile team started with Swift, or have started using it but want a better foundation, this program is for you.
  • Intermediate Swift
    You use Swift, you like Swift, and after this intensive program, you'll feel like you know Swift. From this point onward in your Swift journey, your team will know how to make the most of advanced features like protocols, enums, reflection, and Unsafe APIs. Intimate knowledge of these advanced features will allow your team to be more productive in Swift by bringing more depth and insight to the table. You'll be able to write faster, more reliable code that's easier to understand and easier to extend. Our Intermediate Swift program will create and leave lasting change in your team's collective ability to explore and build in Swift.
  • Fully Customized Courses
    We can create a tailored program just for you if your team needs something that doesn't fit into the above programs. Our instructors have experience with a wide variety of software engineering topics, such as low-level C, performance optimization, Unicode, assembly language, and more. Check out our instructor bios below to see more about what we can do. Whether you're struggling with internationalization, trying to get your app to run buttery smooth on vast amounts of data, or want insights into the inner workings of Apple's UIKit, AVFoundation, or CoreText, we can help.

Our Trainers

Mike Ash (@mikeash) is a Mac and iOS programmer with decades of experience working with Apple platforms.

Mike got his start writing BASIC on an Apple IIGS, moved to the Mac with a Quadra 640, and then onto OS X with the Public Beta in 2000. He has worked with Swift since the day it was announced, and he explores deep programming topics in the popular Friday Q&A series for his blog.

Mike is also a semi-regular on the conference circuit. You can see Mike in action in this video recorded at the NSSpain conference in 2014, where he talked about interfacing Swift with C APIs.

Mike's areas of expertise include:

  • C and Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Assembly language
  • Performance optimization
  • Multithreading
  • Networking

Landon Fuller (@landonfuller) is the founder of Plausible Labs, the creator of PLCrashReporter, and a FreeBSD committer.

A long time Mac and BSD developer, Landon co-authored MacPorts, contributed to the OpenJDK Mac OS X Java Port, maintains a number of open source projects, and previously worked on the BSD Team at Apple.

Landon's areas of expertise include:

  • FreeBSD
  • Functional programming
  • Scala
  • C and Objective-C
  • Assembly language
  • JVM

Our Approach

  • Hands-on
    The workshops are structured around 60-90 minute immersive blocks for each topic, split between lecture and experimentation. We start with an overview of the theory, then dive into practical uses and illustrate every technique with example code. At the end of each lecture period, the students are turned loose on the sample code, using Xcode's Playgrounds to provide an interactive experience. Our instructors circulate to answer questions, often writing new code on the spot. At the end of the block, we take a break to reset minds and bodies, then begin again with the next topic.
  • Individualized
    Your team will have full access to our instructors, who aim for a conversational, individualized style where questions and discussion are encouraged. Live coding in front of a small audience is always a treat!
  • Continuing Support
    After class, your team will have access to our alumni mailing list where they can discuss and ask questions. Plausible's contracting services are also available to help your team find and fix real problems in your software.

Sneak Peek

We post short instructional videos on our YouTube channel.
Check them out to get an idea of what our material is like!

Mike Ash presents ARC in Swift and talks about the basic principles of Swift's memory management system.

Mike Ash talks about how to use Swift's ExpressibleBy*Literal protocols to make your types more convenient to use and your code easier to read.

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