The work of a programmer involves constant learning.

There's no better way to learn than with the
respected developers at Plausible Labs.

We have years of training experience. Plausible has held in-depth training sessions for large development teams at Fortune 500 companies that want to advance to the next level. We've also offered many hands-on, multi-day workshops in various cities that cover predetermined topics.

Two Kinds of Training

Corporate Training

We can provide on-site training and bring entire teams up to speed on not only the basics but also deep-dives into more advanced topics. From a one-day session to a full-week intensive, we'll make it happen at your company's home base or a nearby co-working space.

Workshop Sessions

Alternatively, we offer full-day sessions in Washington, D.C., Denver, and most other metropolitan areas that cover predetermined topics. Tweet at us or email us to request a workshop in your city.

Our Trainers

Mike Ash (@mikeash) is a Mac and iOS programmer with decades of experience working with Apple platforms.

Mike got his start writing BASIC on an Apple IIGS, moved to the Mac with a Quadra 640, and then onto OS X with the Public Beta in 2000. He has worked with Swift since the day it was announced, and he explores deep programming topics in the popular Friday Q&A series for his blog.

Mike is also a semi-regular on the conference circuit. You can see Mike in action in this video recorded at the NSSpain conference in 2014, where he talked about interfacing Swift with C APIs.

Mike's areas of expertise include:

  • C and Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Assembly language
  • Performance optimization
  • Multithreading
  • Networking

Landon Fuller (@landonfuller) is the founder of Plausible Labs, the creator of PLCrashReporter, and a FreeBSD committer.

A long time Mac and BSD developer, Landon co-authored MacPorts, contributed to the OpenJDK Mac OS X Java Port, maintains a number of open source projects, and previously worked on the BSD Team at Apple.

Landon's areas of expertise include:

  • FreeBSD
  • Functional programming
  • Scala
  • C and Objective-C
  • Assembly language
  • JVM

Sneak Peek

This brief instructional video is an example of the type and style of content you can expect from our workshops. In this episode, Mike Ash presents ARC in Swift and talks about the basic principles of Swift's memory management system.

Reviews from Past Attendees

Make no mistake about it, Plausible Labs’ “Advanced Swift” course is the deep end of the pool. The subjects covered are pretty intense, but Mike does a great job guiding you through it all. He is well known for tackling deep topics, and he does not disappoint in person. Not only did he answer the questions that I had, during one of our coding exercises, he actually whipped up a new playground to solve a problem I had. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

— José Vazquez

Without cleaning the sweat on his brow, Mike could demystify any part of the Swift language from associated types to the optimized assembly. We became astronauts when before we were astronomers.

— Michael Zuccarino

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